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Sunday, April 5th, 2015

Subject:L manor
Time:12:44 am.
A woman known. Once long ago. She made my heart. Tore it apart. Its been so long. Since I was wrong. But we were strong. As time proved on..... Her words were soft. And innocent. Her hair was soft. A silk descent. And when she smiled. It was so mild..... ..... ..... ..... And when she arrived. I had denied. Shy pried and pried. Until I tried. The prettiest voice. Worth all the choice. Until the end. You and I, friend..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... And as you walked away. Just to save for another day. You dried the clouds of your elegant eyes. Recreated my own demise..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... To my surprise..... ..... ..... Lies in disguise..... ..... ..... ..... Made my demise..... ..... ..... ..... To my surprise..... ..... My own demise.

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Sunday, December 9th, 2012

Subject:My music always makes mewonder where I lost the patience and skill for it...
Time:7:34 am.
It's been forever. Lost my place, changed to a newer better job. Lost the job. Live with my brother, work a seasonal job. Lost everything on an ipod, keyboard on the laptop is going to shit randomly. I'm twice as exhasuted, have debt collectors after me hardcore. I've cut back massively on working out cuz Im so tired after work. I never drink anymore... Night shift ruins any life at all with my girlfriend, and she'sanother jar of cookies in herself now...
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Friday, April 6th, 2012

Time:12:12 am.
So the more recent entries have been abruptly cut off. Things happen. What you read is, at that time it was written was real time without edit. If it stopped it stopped. I don't even go so far as to load browsers to re read and track it. In al honesty, it is what it became so fuck it.
Onwards to tonight. On this date in time, there is a dilemma, a queston, a confession and whatever else I can think of.

First and foremost I have much respect for Mr. Americanmercanary @ blogpost because he speaks in words I completely understand. If he was my platoon leader in the miltary I would really listen and question him... Except for the gun detail posts... As far as I know of guns and rifles is, I have a record in my county for youth day shot range and antler count on a deer. My first day ever hunting, my last day ever hunting-because my fmily legacy is decades before any meat comes home... And I got at least two years worth on my first day out. :/ ...

The rifle details I know, or remember is shit from the military with load counts and shot range etc with an M16-A2. I don't remember the specifics, but I will never forget that once I DID learn and remember the specifics the alma matar started being chanted and I had never heard of it and paid for it dearly. Now... for some ungodly reason I still know the whole 'From tha halls of Monte Zuma to the shores of Triploi' bullshit..... even though it has absolutely no relevance to me other than I shared  few dollars from the same broker's payroll... 70 some years later.

Anyway... I'm moving out of my apartment. Ive been here three years almost. I moved in here with the best intentions of going straight forward. Good union job, just finished a big important job (...more on that later unless you want to research BGE MD fro 2008-present rates) and completed my apprenticeship, with fresh welding certifications and all the stuff I'd need for work. PRoblem was not one but two.

First, I have an inability to open up to people/bullshit right off the bat. I can't be the guy that walks in looking and feeling good, pulls up a chair and becomes best friends with the bartender, a waitress or two and the people beside me. Christ..it's been so long I'm lucky if I could even walk up to the bar and not feel like an idiot for standing there in between two seated people who are doing their own thing. But I'm not going to say hey to either unless they say it first, and that's about all they'll get.
It falls into different categories. Either I really don't give a shit. Deep in my soul I feel I don't because you're no friend of mine nor do I want you to be so why waste the time, Im too shy or impatient to give a shit what you have to say and feel you vice versa.... Or, I have an overwhelming feeling of shame for  myself because you're able to sit at a bar and not have a care for the world probably the entire night and all I can think about is how it must be nice to let yourself slip away into oblivion around the very same people you cuss out on your way to work, or in your case to and from your trip to the bar and game every weekend.
I'm embraced in the feeling of always being broke and poor and miserable and dream and remember the days when I could just piss money away on anything I wanted because money was just that.... fuckin paper with some old asshole's face printed on it that had no relevance to my existance.
Now look at me...
Three years later, after 8 months of hanging on fishing wire I'm taking the final steps of final suicide, or admitting defeat to the corporate banker cult world and conspiracies. I quit. I lost/gradually quit the lronworker job that was so great and dwindled to nothing (and still dwindling so I read) and took a roofing job because it was hiring with open arms.. By wha a mistake. I will definately save the topic regarding the company and the shit it contains in a post all in itself, maybe not too soon but eventually. It's earned a splinter of the steak in my heart. Anyways, I took that shithole of a job. 55% pay cut, 55% full time hours... 55% wht you rightfully earned on the job take home...
The job has made me progress my age by at least 10 years I swear. Between that, on top of the shit that pretty much every citizen on the prison planet has to deal with in their own way on a daily basis, I definately feel that I've gone from a happy young man to an old miserable fuck...in just 3 years.
And I guess you could say it all started when my mother got sick for the second time with cancer and I straight up without thinking about it said "This is the one that's gonna get her." She dies, the family of three boys grown men are all totally lost, the remaining family splits their ties even more because she was the only one who kept shit together. Guys don't talk for hours on the phone, unless we're in love.... My job ended, and then I was left with WTF to do. Mom was my best friend. I was hers and everybody who knew us knew that. So what did I do?
Well, I dealt with it. I kept my greatfully loving angel by my side because it was all that I had any connection to and at times still feel that way. I S O L A T E D.
Dad went on and did his thing which makes perfect sense to anybody who can think outside of a box for more than 10 seconds.... Found a replacement and swears the true love and married faster than it took me to actually fall in love with my companion.
But to each his own, which always makes me wonder why, and why I'm so comfortable with being who and how I am?
I'm lazy. I'm quiet. I go to work, to work not to make friends. I hate overtime yet OT is the only thing that will keep a ship afloat so to speak. Talking makes me tired when I work, and it distracts me. I like alone time...and never get enough of it.
At work, any kind of job you're stuck with people you have to train or...force yourself to tolerate. Ugh.... If only it was as easy as walking down a hall and closing the door and turning the TV on or something right? Fucking headlights....

You love it. So, after months of living in misery, saving every penny earned and found on the ground, and managing it with other credit card bills and internet fees and shit I have decided that enough is enough. The first thing I needed to do is get a new job because the one I have now has made me ... I can't even describe how miserable it was. Call me whatever you want but... Well I guess if you think of that you could say, it was like living hell. Walking into a job you already knew you werent going to like, and then get time invested in it and learn the way they run business and hate it even more because you didn't have any vocal/or legal power over any of it and ....
I went from 100% union rat hating pro union swear by the book to
Undala undalay esta perra pin deho or whatever.... ALL DAY AND NIGHT. Illegal non union immigrants who never took a break, a water break, a smoke break, a lunch or nothing and worked sun up to sun down. What every greedy construction company owner soils his pants over. I went from anti rat to 110% rat. And I hate them both...almost the same.
Union made me go there. Non union made me where I am now.

Moving out at some point this month. I have yet to talk to a landlord and see how exactly clean this transition will go.. but I don't even care the cost. Not having to make 850 a month to cover an 829 rent bill on top of like...450 other bills is a huge relief. Now I can just bank the shit and pay it as it comes til it is gone and then restart.....again. By then if I'm lucky I'll be a 30 year old had a place of my own once now livin with a brother in the basemtn fighting to keep a relationship stable not going anywhere videogame playing kinda dude... who knows how to handle a serious amount of alcohol and look like a bootcamp graduate almost.
Starvation and sacrifice makes the man a sexy skeleton. Beer keeps the muslces swollen and the job keeps them exercised.

I don't know what is going to happen. Plans and dreams right? I just can't take any more of waking up in the middle of the night in a nice deep sleep and having the first thought come to my be 'how am I going to have that paid for this month if I already have this paid for?' How am I going to get to work because I need gas and I put my last 40 on the cellphone bill or whatever. I've not been going in because I have to make a tank of 60$ gas last two weeks with 60 miles a day of driving, on a car with 2 rear tires on the brink of destruction, with an insurance policy that is equivalent to...if you get hit and lose your car and it's not your fault, well it's on you kinda deal. Two broken windsheild wipers and a busted thermostat and windshield washing fluid box. And to think at one point in time I used to submit photos of my car into Suzuki to be the Stock Model of the year care package.... .. .

You understand what I'm saying? Between the job driving me fucking crazy to the point where I'd sit in my car, or away from the 4 and a half footers and cry for 30 minutes as hard as when my mom was withering away in the bed at home and the constant fear and obsession of how I'm going to come up with the money to just have a roof over my head for the month.. I refuse to follow the path. At least I have a place to fall back to. I hve no idea what my girl is going to do though but this is every man fend for himself and she's known this day was coming for as long as I have. I shouldn't have to be TOO concerned for her well-being. I didn't make her life suddenly go to shit recently, so I shouldn't have to slap a leash on her and dictate her around,,, Not throwing her to the wolves but I'm really like..:
Dude the shit is hitting the fan. I told you it was going to happen and I got a plan that I wish I never had to fall back on. What do you have? Well, that's not my fault.
You're in it as much as I am, but I can't take care of you forever. Especially at this point man you need to do something for yourself and if you really are considering just going and being a drug addict to numb yourself away from the stress well..... Have fun in la la land because your level of stress will never amount to mine, because you've never had to hit a peak. So go walk the clouds and I hope you fall.

Eh. How's that for romantic rage? I should be starting a new boring forklift job soon here within the next week. Another drastic pay cut, but as long as every penny isn't having to go towards a rent that I can't even have the luxury of fully enjoying then fuck it. I hate America and everything Capitalism stands for...yet people still stand firmly by it. I wish the WW2 generation would die off with their patriotism stupidity already and the children of hippie children's parents would take over... The ones that haven't died off already that is and change this shity way of white collar life we have to live..

Who can stomach that show Madmen when it spits in our faces every week? Are you wrapped aound th sex and cigarettes?
Til next time. Hope you had a good read.
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Monday, February 6th, 2012

Subject:Tickle in your head or in your ear? - An update after nearly 2 years.
Time:9:23 pm.
My last update was almost two years go. I already forgot the details contained within my scripture having just read it not even en minutes ago. I must say, having suddenly receiving an email from livejournal notifying me of inactivity of my account and deletion should I choose not to re activate it. Dude I've had this account since 2000 or so back when blogging was just starting to take off and HTML was still the shit... And 56k too. Think about this: When you call any number for service that makes you go through number prompts and transfers and elevator music or whatever, doesn't it actually make you feel like you're that electric spark that is shooting through the dial up connection from the phone jack to the computer dialing up..like a 56k? Eh... I remember when I used to be up to date with technology and shit.... somewhere I just lost it and haven't really invested time and energy into upgrading. Maybe I 50% grew into reality with technology...and 50% grew into reality with politics and real life, the most depressing story that is infintely told imaginable.
I had a great gig as an ironworker working union. Union was all new to me. Still lived at home, had the responsibility to work every day and just pay the bills and chores out of respect and such. Union politics are still a cloud in my head, but I don't even bother with it because it's just another flap on the toilet paper roll at this point like everything else... All about money... Money money money and I fucking hate it.<p>
I'll get all into that should I actually pick the habit back up of blogging. Does livejournal still have the random search and load link where you just click it and poof you pop up somebody else's own public journal? I used to love that shit.
Actually I think it is time to go for now because once the girlfriend arrives for bed it is always game over.
A girlfriend? Me? Yeah... only took me 25 years to find her.
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Subject:Writer's Block: Tough Choices
Time:8:50 pm.
If forced to give up one, which would you choose: love, friendship, or family?
friendship. love takes forever to heal from, and leaves characteristic impacts and personalization scars and traits. friendship becomes memories of the past, and pondering of what they are up to nowadays...or disdain saying good riddance. family is always family, good or bad. once that goes away completely that is supposed to be when you know you either made a difference in life, or wasted it.
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Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Time:10:32 pm.
I'm so fucking lost. Years ago, just a few years ago the world was a complete 180. We were losing the war, the first leaks of torture came out and the media made prisoners of the protectors. Years later we have nearly a million leaks, without photographs but official documents and the same war has been going on. Now the government has fooled everybody with their wifi acceptability into letting it come and pass because next week we will elect another puppet on the inifinte string list for another tortorous four years. Meanwhile, the most cirrupt administration to ever 'run' this country walks freely because while the entire world burns in oil drenched flames, they all have a 40% increase in their salaries, moving the top 1% into the  top 3%, in the name of economical progress.
I couldn't get a job when I was 19-23 because businesses didn't want to hire me, to set me aside once I got selected to go off and fight this most accurately conspiracy theoretical war, which '..has never been a "war" ' since after the 'Mission Accomplised' banner hung. I joined a union because at least I would be forced to be given a chance, to prove myself and earn my keep. By working, and going to school, and paying dues I was promised work as long as work was going.
Three years later, I graduated the apprenticeship and to no avail or whatever I have nothing. I'm not just one in a bunch, but I am. The only promising job I am to get today is two part time fast food or minimum wage jobs because a non union company will not hire me because of the simple fact I'm a union member. I haven't had any customer retail service since I was in school and that's over twelve years ago. I can't get a job because I'm too young to be a victim of today's collapse-yet too old to start over again. I'm no better now than I was when I was in the Marines.

On top of that, my credit is shit. Why is it? I'll be completely open on this : Shay Gibson.
Yeah, I co-signed for her for a car. Well, before you go crazy on me, try thinking of when you were say 20. What did you know about credit and insurance and the future and all that? Yeah.. Well if you're as old as I am chances are you probably already have kids and 'grew up fast.' If so you need not read further unless you didn't snuff your nose. Bitch took the car and ran, and the fact she works in a collections agency herself she's been able to carry this 90/60/30 day numerous times late fee the entire time and no have the car repossessed. I just paid my car off - a 20k loan to my bank in less than 5 years and I can't even get a $500 credit card through them. I wonder why this hasn't been any topic in the news? If I could ever get another job though my fucking hall, or anywhere for that matter she is going to be sued for every penny I'll spend getting my credit wiped clean. Period.

Today I took a peacefully paced ride all the way up Rt 543 from Abingdon to some where way past North Harford. I intentionally drove crazy arund the turns in hopes to fly off the road and flip and smash into the creek. I haven't had thoughts like this in a very very long time. Now I can't afford to see a doc to put two and two together. I'm almost 27, in a relationship and am unemployed. I got laid off on October 13 of 2009, and have had three Ironwork jobs in the past year totalling about 6 weeks. I've drained my 10k plus savings to less than $500 not counting the laugh of unemployment every two weeks. I can't even afford a roll of paper towels without wondering if I can make the bill for my insurance.

Health insurance wants 186 a month so I can pay 25 for Diovan, or 30 for a doctors visit and free dental. Welp, looks like I'm part of the black toothed grin family now.

I can't get anything from welfare because I'm 26, and I made over 44k last year. I can't file for chapter 7 because I only have under 5,000 in debt.  TO BE CONT'D
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Sunday, June 20th, 2010

Subject:me from youtube-new world
Time:12:16 pm.
zangeif- one if not russia's last great hope icons. this is world war three in the making. first we break them down of their money, and then we watch them break apart their oil and literally set themselves on fire. and then we step in and clear it up... and start all over again except if we win we'll either be pratriotic or living in civil war vs the races for each color to they're own and this time i think blacks and whites will work together this time instead of against like in the first civil war. cuz now we got threats from all over the world but we're not barbarians that kill each other over numbness and religions or races like africa's and kyrgystan's or whatever. we're pressured down by our outer shield that we can't even afford to sneak a peek to. the men in black and white ties and glasses are businessmen and business is always where the innocents get hurt and pawned off. god of war was a single lone rebel that refused to be a pawn of the gods dealing cards to each other with our lives at stake. so he ruled the world and everything outside of space. whew.. anybody ready for a cigarette?
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Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Subject:mid decade round up
Time:12:32 pm.
and after several years of absence... i return to what i stand by and claim is the original innovator of everything that has become of the pop culture today. myspace, blog spot, facebook and penpal all came from livejournal. maybe penpal started lj but i'm glad they're both still here. i have returned, and will remain as i have retired all of the others and bid farewell.
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Saturday, July 19th, 2008

Subject:Writer's Block: Your First Record
Time:1:22 am.
What was the first music album you ever bought or owned? Do you still listen to it or have you moved on?
 stone temple pilots: purple. never heard a song off it but i loved em so much that i bought the tape after browsing. and ten i made a huge decorated fan mail thing and they prolly thru it ib the trrash.
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Thursday, July 17th, 2008

Time:5:29 pm.
 Dirt. It is everywhere at my job. I used to hate dirt, and was a clean freak. This dirt has done more than make me face a fear, but enjoy it. I wear dirt like war paint. The odor of rotten eggs or fried chicken, and the occasional dried mud ash and a bucket of sweat mixed in not only help to provide cover from the sun better than any retailable lotion, but gives you a reason to buy a new bath tub liner and washer +drying machines about once a year. Dirt helps you feel like you are worth something more because image really has no say, except for comical commentary and let's you remember just how much you fucked up or the road you shouldn't have taken. It also lets you know just how better off some people are because they can't do what you do, and vice versa. Dirt is therapy... If only there wasn't country music and moustaches I'd feel more comfortable. Welcome back to LJ Matt... "Madman"
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Monday, August 20th, 2007

Subject:update, outdate and fuck dated
Time:6:02 pm.
94 fucking weeks since i last updated this shit. well everybodys done grown up, gone off and made kids and become parents or disappeared into shitty adulthood... or myspace whores..

ah, well ive grown a lot into my own. still tied to the military tho ive gone almost 2 years of legal mia, three months of ua... had 2 jobs in the past 2 years...
had more sex in the last 7 months then ive had all my years fuckin combined..
reached my second richest financial ppeak before i got trapped in a relationship, only rebound ive come back on is buying a 2g dollar tv with a credit card... and 799 bucks in the bank as opposed to 4g.

my beard is finally at full color i guess because its either brown or red, no more blonde.. and the spots are slowly covering up. ive gained and lost 24 pounds depending on what season it is... got down to 196 this year, 3 up from last year and not even half as long. (cuz i drink too much hah hah)

i still hate the world, but am too lazy to actually give enough shit to speak about it or preach on it anymore. i just slave my day away fuckin lying to people and hustling my way into a big tip only to get rewarded with a fucking soda for my next job... but im starting to think the voodoo guy i installed cable at might actually be working his shit in my favor finally...

my myspace is pretty much a fuckin dead page. i have no friends, cuz everybody addictively pots or e's up all the time and never wants to just fuckin chill and be lazy bored.. kids or still in the big bar scene that i came in and left in a hurry. the page is too straight forward and honest. its more like a dedication page to people thatve made a big impact in my life, and das it...

as far as the music goes, i got like 60 songs thatve gone to 1 or 2 verses, maybe a breakdown or 2 and just never finished. i get tired of the mood, or lose it from a week long break n shit... but i still kick em out, and the people that have heard it say its my best shit yet... so im still improving... tammy youll never get a cd cuz i just will never release one. everybody gets demos, just fuckin.. heres what i got.. and they dig it -- and think its the whole fuckin song (idiots)

you cant have a 3 minute introduction and like 5 minutes of drmatic pianos and orchestrated melodies and just have them all suddenly stop, on the 3rd bar of 41? like 5 songs in a row.. no onder rap is so huge...

sssshhhhhhhh... well im still alive and boring. my arms are fuckin explosive with strength and are my only weapons should force be mandated. 410 322 7199.... all you outsiders there...
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Tuesday, October 25th, 2005

Subject:Infest Me
Time:9:33 pm.
Yeah and everything has been wrong. Sometimes the nation gets up on one knee but then they see the shadow flicker from the lights and they crumble back to the fours. Figures, fuckers..

Now, in all our days of glory, I must say that the sun no longer shines with donation. Only dissent and disgust. A man once said disasters happen for spiritual reasons. I think it's bullshit. We all are fertilizer, and we feed off each other in evolution. Plant to air. Bleed it.

My heart is a medicated blob of pulsing throbs.
And erections have no justification with it. Turn the dial back to seventy one and watch yet another replay from seven hours previous.

Seven to one. Beautiful may I add.

If the feeling behind her smile is meaningless, then why should I offer my apprenticeship? I've had a hankering for a loss of blood. Been a long time since my flesh was exposed to our deformation.

Eagle eyes are nothing to white collars with blue ties and shaved faces. Eat my feces, smut lovers.

Good night, and fuck your dreams.
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Saturday, August 6th, 2005

Time:4:34 pm.
damn.. no more friends messages popp up on the view page...
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Monday, May 9th, 2005

Subject:From Now On...
Time:9:16 pm.
As we breathe
And we excel
The turn of day
Pass us away
Pass us away...

Mature mistake
Chosen by fate
Gifted with state
Pass us away
Pass us away...

So this is it...
This is the end...
The tears are shed..so...
Pass us away
Pass us away. ..

chop remind me every night to finish this. the words hit with the bells.. rmember. syllables.
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Wednesday, April 27th, 2005

Subject:fucking trent reznor.. ugh
Time:9:01 pm.
yeah ok.. hes been saying for the past year that with teeth is gonna be like a sequel to downard spiral because hes back in to that e,motional state of mind with his life and the world being all shitty...

sounds like a fucking electric piano ballad with him singing with lots of ambvience goin on. healf decent melody.. and every song has that same shitty distorted electric guitar- that maryln made famous when he was with him before fragile..

ill still get it tho. its a got a couple tracks i can rock to. so i guess thats all that matters.

and thanks for the support for the new song. my work is beginning to pay off.
join myspace and get off this lol.. its so much better.
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Subject:fucking trent reznor.. ugh
Time:9:01 pm.
yeah ok.. hes been saying for the past year that with teeth is gonna be like a sequel to downard spiral because hes back in to that e,motional state of mind with his life and the world being all shitty...

sounds like a fucking electric piano ballad with him singing with lots of ambvience goin on. healf decent melody.. and every song has that same shitty distorted electric guitar- that maryln made famous when he was with him before fragile..

ill still get it tho. its a got a couple tracks i can rock to. so i guess thats all that matters.
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Sunday, April 24th, 2005

Time:1:22 pm.
finally.. the time is coming closer.. i suppose...
but get this. my music is gonna be played on the radio. yeah its interenet radio, where all of 20 people in the world will listen, but its a fuckin start right?

anyway.. dude from myspace told me my shit was hot, and he liked how i mixed a lot of styles into my shit to result with what i got. a- this guy knows hiw shit cuz he knows mine with the shitty quality it is, and b- this guy is a 43 yr old fan of a 2 year rookie. hmmph..

i think my biggest fan that i know personally however is binnzo. hes dying for me to release my 11th dic... lol. its been almost a year since ive released one, that says something..

anyway.. subsonictemple.com is where i am, and a couple of other people, and a lot of actual professional people, most of them i know, own, or have heard before. so thats awesome im gonna be played right in line with..fucking thievery corporation and shit. its nothing close to a record deal signing or anything, but its a big step for exposure-to the trip hop/dub and downtempo lovers such as myself.

besides great musical news, my normal life is still at another fucking halt. i hit on a couple chicks, and only got a smile from one of them in bmore.. fuck it. why not just go to the comedy club expecting comedy ya know?
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Tuesday, April 12th, 2005

Subject:new shit.
Time:6:44 pm.
i have another site for yall to check out.
it has my hit, plus another track that was finished back in january sometime.

'the way out'


'dusted' is "...../ID=31"
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Wednesday, April 6th, 2005

Time:6:16 pm.
i dont like going to work.. hearing chainsaws...

i dont like coming home from work, hearing shainsaws, smelling sawdust, hearing trees tumble to the ground...

something fishy is going on around my road...

and as our county update record says, meadow brook lane might be a mini housing development. - meaning no more 50 yards of foirest separating my backyard on hopkins rd-- to the neighbors across the road from meadowbrook.

hmmph.. all these years ive never considered meadowbrook to be anything more than just a road.. lol a road that teh base/wiffle/soft ball just drifted down from chads house on the corner.. yeah, a corner.. on my street? maybe i dont live in the woods.. what do u thinik chop chop. yeah, fuck work.. ur right.
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Sunday, April 3rd, 2005

Time:8:44 pm.
yup it's gonna be cool. barks... as soon as i wheeled, is cuz t=hey rolled up outa nowhere. i ccoukda swirore it was goina be a bullshit night, and if not, a late as shit after id done gone to bed n shit night when they call n be lkike, yo lets roll.. you know.

you got meg. i had my heart aroun meg, and i ruined my love with her,. lol she forever has the use to spoil me with it. plus, ive never had a good one on one with her since those days either. n im sre she remembers.. just too fast paced to notice, you know. but whatever. love and life is all part of evolutiuon., lol

racheis one of my top 5 ... end of story,...
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