Matt "Madman" Gilman (iiimadmaniii) wrote,
Matt "Madman" Gilman

finally.. the time is coming closer.. i suppose...
but get this. my music is gonna be played on the radio. yeah its interenet radio, where all of 20 people in the world will listen, but its a fuckin start right?

anyway.. dude from myspace told me my shit was hot, and he liked how i mixed a lot of styles into my shit to result with what i got. a- this guy knows hiw shit cuz he knows mine with the shitty quality it is, and b- this guy is a 43 yr old fan of a 2 year rookie. hmmph..

i think my biggest fan that i know personally however is binnzo. hes dying for me to release my 11th dic... lol. its been almost a year since ive released one, that says something..

anyway.. is where i am, and a couple of other people, and a lot of actual professional people, most of them i know, own, or have heard before. so thats awesome im gonna be played right in line with..fucking thievery corporation and shit. its nothing close to a record deal signing or anything, but its a big step for exposure-to the trip hop/dub and downtempo lovers such as myself.

besides great musical news, my normal life is still at another fucking halt. i hit on a couple chicks, and only got a smile from one of them in bmore.. fuck it. why not just go to the comedy club expecting comedy ya know?
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