Matt "Madman" Gilman (iiimadmaniii) wrote,
Matt "Madman" Gilman

Tickle in your head or in your ear? - An update after nearly 2 years.

My last update was almost two years go. I already forgot the details contained within my scripture having just read it not even en minutes ago. I must say, having suddenly receiving an email from livejournal notifying me of inactivity of my account and deletion should I choose not to re activate it. Dude I've had this account since 2000 or so back when blogging was just starting to take off and HTML was still the shit... And 56k too. Think about this: When you call any number for service that makes you go through number prompts and transfers and elevator music or whatever, doesn't it actually make you feel like you're that electric spark that is shooting through the dial up connection from the phone jack to the computer dialing a 56k? Eh... I remember when I used to be up to date with technology and shit.... somewhere I just lost it and haven't really invested time and energy into upgrading. Maybe I 50% grew into reality with technology...and 50% grew into reality with politics and real life, the most depressing story that is infintely told imaginable.
I had a great gig as an ironworker working union. Union was all new to me. Still lived at home, had the responsibility to work every day and just pay the bills and chores out of respect and such. Union politics are still a cloud in my head, but I don't even bother with it because it's just another flap on the toilet paper roll at this point like everything else... All about money... Money money money and I fucking hate it.<p>
I'll get all into that should I actually pick the habit back up of blogging. Does livejournal still have the random search and load link where you just click it and poof you pop up somebody else's own public journal? I used to love that shit.
Actually I think it is time to go for now because once the girlfriend arrives for bed it is always game over.
A girlfriend? Me? Yeah... only took me 25 years to find her.
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