Matt "Madman" Gilman (iiimadmaniii) wrote,
Matt "Madman" Gilman

i dont like going to work.. hearing chainsaws...

i dont like coming home from work, hearing shainsaws, smelling sawdust, hearing trees tumble to the ground...

something fishy is going on around my road...

and as our county update record says, meadow brook lane might be a mini housing development. - meaning no more 50 yards of foirest separating my backyard on hopkins rd-- to the neighbors across the road from meadowbrook.

hmmph.. all these years ive never considered meadowbrook to be anything more than just a road.. lol a road that teh base/wiffle/soft ball just drifted down from chads house on the corner.. yeah, a corner.. on my street? maybe i dont live in the woods.. what do u thinik chop chop. yeah, fuck work.. ur right.
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