Matt "Madman" Gilman (iiimadmaniii) wrote,
Matt "Madman" Gilman

Infest Me

Yeah and everything has been wrong. Sometimes the nation gets up on one knee but then they see the shadow flicker from the lights and they crumble back to the fours. Figures, fuckers..

Now, in all our days of glory, I must say that the sun no longer shines with donation. Only dissent and disgust. A man once said disasters happen for spiritual reasons. I think it's bullshit. We all are fertilizer, and we feed off each other in evolution. Plant to air. Bleed it.

My heart is a medicated blob of pulsing throbs.
And erections have no justification with it. Turn the dial back to seventy one and watch yet another replay from seven hours previous.

Seven to one. Beautiful may I add.

If the feeling behind her smile is meaningless, then why should I offer my apprenticeship? I've had a hankering for a loss of blood. Been a long time since my flesh was exposed to our deformation.

Eagle eyes are nothing to white collars with blue ties and shaved faces. Eat my feces, smut lovers.

Good night, and fuck your dreams.
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