Matt "Madman" Gilman (iiimadmaniii) wrote,
Matt "Madman" Gilman

update, outdate and fuck dated

94 fucking weeks since i last updated this shit. well everybodys done grown up, gone off and made kids and become parents or disappeared into shitty adulthood... or myspace whores..

ah, well ive grown a lot into my own. still tied to the military tho ive gone almost 2 years of legal mia, three months of ua... had 2 jobs in the past 2 years...
had more sex in the last 7 months then ive had all my years fuckin combined..
reached my second richest financial ppeak before i got trapped in a relationship, only rebound ive come back on is buying a 2g dollar tv with a credit card... and 799 bucks in the bank as opposed to 4g.

my beard is finally at full color i guess because its either brown or red, no more blonde.. and the spots are slowly covering up. ive gained and lost 24 pounds depending on what season it is... got down to 196 this year, 3 up from last year and not even half as long. (cuz i drink too much hah hah)

i still hate the world, but am too lazy to actually give enough shit to speak about it or preach on it anymore. i just slave my day away fuckin lying to people and hustling my way into a big tip only to get rewarded with a fucking soda for my next job... but im starting to think the voodoo guy i installed cable at might actually be working his shit in my favor finally...

my myspace is pretty much a fuckin dead page. i have no friends, cuz everybody addictively pots or e's up all the time and never wants to just fuckin chill and be lazy bored.. kids or still in the big bar scene that i came in and left in a hurry. the page is too straight forward and honest. its more like a dedication page to people thatve made a big impact in my life, and das it...

as far as the music goes, i got like 60 songs thatve gone to 1 or 2 verses, maybe a breakdown or 2 and just never finished. i get tired of the mood, or lose it from a week long break n shit... but i still kick em out, and the people that have heard it say its my best shit yet... so im still improving... tammy youll never get a cd cuz i just will never release one. everybody gets demos, just fuckin.. heres what i got.. and they dig it -- and think its the whole fuckin song (idiots)

you cant have a 3 minute introduction and like 5 minutes of drmatic pianos and orchestrated melodies and just have them all suddenly stop, on the 3rd bar of 41? like 5 songs in a row.. no onder rap is so huge...

sssshhhhhhhh... well im still alive and boring. my arms are fuckin explosive with strength and are my only weapons should force be mandated. 410 322 7199.... all you outsiders there...
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