Matt "Madman" Gilman (iiimadmaniii) wrote,
Matt "Madman" Gilman

me from youtube-new world

zangeif- one if not russia's last great hope icons. this is world war three in the making. first we break them down of their money, and then we watch them break apart their oil and literally set themselves on fire. and then we step in and clear it up... and start all over again except if we win we'll either be pratriotic or living in civil war vs the races for each color to they're own and this time i think blacks and whites will work together this time instead of against like in the first civil war. cuz now we got threats from all over the world but we're not barbarians that kill each other over numbness and religions or races like africa's and kyrgystan's or whatever. we're pressured down by our outer shield that we can't even afford to sneak a peek to. the men in black and white ties and glasses are businessmen and business is always where the innocents get hurt and pawned off. god of war was a single lone rebel that refused to be a pawn of the gods dealing cards to each other with our lives at stake. so he ruled the world and everything outside of space. whew.. anybody ready for a cigarette?
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